Reflections of Ever-Present Grace

By Terry Ellis
Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100

Product Description

The most important ideas are usually the simplest, and GraceWaves is based on a simple and powerful idea: God washes His grace over us continually, like waves at the seashore. We see God’s grace everywhere if we take the time to look. We see gracewaves in the beauty of the night sky, a child’s joy, a beautiful hymn or anthem, etc. God’s grace surrounds and fills us.

The problem is most of us are too caught up in the fears, anger, resentments, etc. of the present day to notice the ways God has woven His grace into the fabric of our lives. GraceWaves is a collection of devotionals in which Dr. Terry Ellis combines warmth, humor, and insight into God’s grace in every-day life. His goal is to simply help people become aware of grace.

He often refers in his writings to his recovery from alcoholism, and the very dark period that preceded recovery. His writing, and his life, is a testament to God’s grace and the fact that God stays with us even in the darkest chapters and, if we’re open and willing, He heals us and brings us back to life.

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