An Accredited Interventionist

Dr. Ellis discusses the chief question you must answer in considering an intervention and describes some of the most common mistakes families make in confronting addiction.

I have the highest certifications from the two leading intervention training organizations in the United States.

I am a certified Love First Clinical Interventionist.

Led by Jeff and Debra Jay, this training focuses heavily on both the clinical aspects of intervention as well as extremely practical methods that help motivate families and addicted loved ones. Their Structured Family Recovery (SFR) is an additional resource for extended treatment and recovery of the family.

I am also a Level II Certified ARISE Interventionist (CAI-II).

ARISE focuses on the generational impact of addiction and the inherent strength of the family to confront and motivate change in the addicted individual. Dr. Judith Landau, the founder of ARISE, is one of the most trusted voices in the field of intervention and recovery.