About Dr. Ellis

About Dr. Ellis

Prior to becoming an interventionist, Dr. Ellis served as pastor of six churches over his 34 year career. He holds a doctorate in Greek, a Masters in Biblical studies, and a B.A. in Psychology. He's authored many commentaries, articles, and biblical studies, and his blog, GraceWaves, has a wide audience.

And he nearly lost his life to alcoholism.

For more than three decades Dr. Ellis has stepped into the chaos of people's lives to try and bring them direction and peace. Through addiction he entered his own chaos, then began his recovery when someone said "we need to get you well." He believes in the vital importance of intervention as the beginning of recovery. His passion is to help addicts, alcoholics, and their families get well.

30+ Years Experience Counseling Individuals and Families


My Story

Dr. Ellis describes his own battle with alcoholism and his path to recovery after a friend cared enough to intervene.