Why Use a Professional Interventionist?

What Is an Interventionist?

Dr. Ellis discusses the work of an interventionist and describes the goal of an intervention: to help your loved one recover and to help you out of the chaos and anguish.

There is a reason you're reading this right now. You have tried cajoling, encouraging, and threatening your loved one. You have a long history of dealing with the broken promises, anger, shame, despair, and chaos that addiction brings to families.

Ask yourself a simple question: "How has all of this worked so far?"

Your answer to this question is the reason you've come to this website, and the main reason you need to contact a professional interventionist.

Over the many years of your relationship, your addicted loved one has "installed" some buttons in you and other family members and friends. You're probably not even aware of them. But whenever the problem comes up, the addicted person knows how to push those buttons to redirect and obstruct the path to getting well. You grow tired of arguing. The addiction continues. The pain increases.

A professional interventionist does not have those buttons and offers a different voice, a different perspective that can help the entire family on the path to grace and peace.