The Process of Intervention

What Can Happen When You Decide to Take Action?

Dr. Ellis describes a typical story of an intervention from the first call through treatment. An intervention is a spiritual negotiation where we confront the palpable presence of addiction with the incredible power of love and reason. In the room of an intervention you can feel a dark presence, but you can also feel the presence of God.

The success of an intervention begins long before the actual gathering of family members and the person of concern.

The following steps ensure the best opportunity to get the addict/alcoholic to a place where he or she can get well:

  • Assessment: This begins with the initial phone call (for which there is no charge). I want to gain an understanding of the person of concern, the background, behaviors, and family history, etc.
  • Assembling the team: I will help you form a team of 2-8 persons with whom I will work to talk to the person of concern.
  • Selecting treatment options: I will provide 2-3 recommendations about the best modalities and places where your loved one can begin to get well.
  • Writing letters: These are key to the actual intervention. I will provide guidelines to writing letters that express love, concern, hope, and consequences.
  • Anticipating objections: We will list the most likely objections to entering treatment and talk about how we can respond as a team.
  • Make travel arrangements: We want to get the person of concern to the treatment facility as soon as possible after he or she agrees to go.
  • The Intervention: I will lead the intervention.
  • Transport to the facility: I can travel with the person of concern if requested at no extra charge other than normal traveling expenses.
  • Follow-up: I will maintain at least three contacts with the family during treatment to facilitate their healing, and am available if requested to meet with the family/team once the person of concern returns home.